Higher Bond

A Christ-centered dating app built on Biblical values.

Today’s dating culture is one that glorifies watered-down values, disposability, and meaningless interactions. It’s all about instant gratification, luke-warm connections, and swiping endlessly until your finger falls off or you get burnt out.

Even most “Christian” dating apps on the market miss the mark, which sadly is what should be expected as those apps are not owned and operated by Christians, yet they have a massive impact on the faith community.

Higher Bond aims to address these issues along with many more. As a 100% Christian owned company, the Higher Bond team prayerfully worked to design a dating website for Christian singles who genuinely value faith as the driving force behind their relationship decisions.

"It is a breath of fresh air, and it is evident that you seek to honor the Lord and His people through it" - Maria D
"Thank you for your worthy effort to advance the Kingdom through relationship building and family formation" - Andrew C

Higher Bond Christian Dating App – What Makes It Different

Here are some harsh realities of what online dating is currently like for Christian singles.

  • The majority of “Christian” dating apps are secularly owned. They care more about your money than your heart.
  • These other apps make Christians feel like they should be safe but instead promote worldly views on dating, allow inappropriate content, and run on watered-down values.
  • Ultimately, they’re all about instant gratification and meaningless interactions.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five ways Higher Bond is different.

1. Real Christian Dating – Higher Bond is 100% Christian owned.

Most “Christian” dating apps are nothing more than secularly-owned, spun versions of worldly dating apps with the name of Christ stamped in the branding. Most of us would probably agree that dating and courtship, such intimate parts of the Christian faith, shouldn’t be controlled by major corporations who don’t understand what’s most important to Christian singles.

Higher Bond was started by a Christian husband and wife who care about Kingdom work and the hearts of God’s people. Their passion for people just like you is driven by God’s calling to make radical change in how Christian singles meet and connect through technology.

2. Higher Bond puts extensive safeguards in place to protect you.

Unfortunately, many Christian dating apps abandon much-needed safety and security measures in the name of profit. Higher Bond makes your safety a top priority, no matter what.

Here are a few things we do differently:

  • 100% of accounts are manually approved by a real person before even seeing their first match
  • Strict modesty guidelines are in place for photos, and 100% of photos are manually approved by a real person before being allowed on the platform
  • A unique selfie-verification process helps to ensure the person you’re talking to is the same person in the photos you’re seeing
  • We regularly provide free educational resources, seminars, and more to teach our members how to stay safe and guard their hearts.

Here’s one of our most recent online dating safety initiatives called “The State of Dating” where we shared what Christian singles need to know about online dating.

3. Higher Bond has no swiping of any kind.

Research is starting to show that swipe-based matchmaking is having a detrimental effect on people’s mental health leading to anxiety, withdrawal feelings, emotional burnout, and depression. Unfortunately, many of the largest Christian dating apps use this style of matchmaking—because it’s popular.

Higher Bond has no swiping of any kind. Our curated, batch-style of matchmaking is designed to intentionally slow the pace by moving away from the disposability and dangers that have no place in Christian dating.

4. Higher Bond respects your time.

Online dating is an effective way to meet quality singles, but it starts to lose that effectiveness when it’s not consumed in moderation. Most online dating apps and websites give you access to a massive catalog of singles all at once or an endless stream of singles to swipe through. While it might sound productive to have this many options, we believe that is not the case. Having this many options at once causes people to spend hours on end dating online, which can be detrimental to their mental health.

At Higher Bond, you get 3-5 curated matches every day. See someone you like? Great! If not, you’re protected from spending hours on end swiping and searching through matches. Simply come back tomorrow to see your new batch of matches.

5. Higher Bond does more to support you.

Higher Bond is more than just a safe place to meet Christian singles. In addition, we provide a multitude of resources to support your season of singleness. This includes free daily devotionals, free virtual events and seminars, and our free “Dating School”, which provides education and help with navigating Godly dating.