2023 Free

At Higher Bond, we are committed to changing the way that Christian singles date online by providing a safe, intentional, and inviting platform for single men and women of faith to connect.

As a demonstration of our commitment to the mission and our belief in Higher Bond, we are giving anyone who signs up now a Premium Membership completely free for all of 2023.

No catch. Period.

If you sign up today, you’ll automatically receive the highest level Premium Membership we have 100% free for the rest of the entire year.

Can I share this offer with my friends or my church?

100%. In fact, we encourage you to. The more we can get the word out, the more impact we can make on the faith community. Just remember to tell your friends and family that they have to sign up before the end of the month to claim their free membership.

Do I need to do anything special to claim my free membership?

Nope. All you have to do is sign up and complete the account creation process.

Do I have to put in a credit card or anything to sign up?

Nope. We genuinely just want you to enjoy Higher Bond this year and help us get the word out about the platform.

Can I email this to my church or post it on my socials?

Please! We’d encourage you to join in our mission and go the extra mile to help us get the word about this to as many people as possible. Without you, we can’t make the impactful change we feel called to make.