California Christian Dating App – Why You Should Try Higher Bond

Despite the shared faith that unites them, California Christian singles face a multitude of challenges in the dating landscape—both online and in-person. In a culture where casual hookups and fast-paced encounters often dominate, staying true to one’s values and maintaining purity in relationships can be daunting. Additionally, the pressure to conform to societal norms or compromise on core beliefs can present obstacles along the journey.

In this post, we will be looking at California Christian dating apps, how they impact the church community, and what we believe is the best option available (and why!).

Why is Higher Bond the Best California Dating App for Christians?

There is no shortage of Christian dating apps for California singles to try. That said, not all of these apps are created equally and there are many that you should outright avoid. Here’s why we think you should try Higher Bond if you’re looking to meet California Christian singles online.

App Ownership and Intent

Maybe you’ve tried some other California Christian dating apps and been let down. What most people don’t realize is that many of the most popular California Christian dating apps are actually owned by secular companies. As a result, a lack of Biblical morals should almost be expected. Upward, for example, is operated by the same company that runs Tinder and sadly the 2 apps are very similar despite one being marketed toward Believers and the other for hookups… (Learn more here)

Higher Bond on the other hand is 100% christian owned by a husband and wife team focused on giving singles within the church a safer and more Christ-centered way to meet online. We don’t have to answer to shareholders or conform to cultural norms, but instead can focus on coming alongside existing ministries to help form lasting and Godly marriages!

Spiritual Compatibility – A Quick Look at Stats

California is the nation’s largest state by population with nearly 40 million people living within it’s borders. Many surveys show that between 60% and 63% of those people “identify as Christian”. That said, a deeper look into this data reveals an important truth—someone simply saying they’re a Christian doesn’t create compatibility if it doesn’t impact the way they live their life. 

To show you what we mean, we’ve listed some of the most troubling statistics below (and remember these numbers represent only people who identify as being Christian – See the full study here:

  • Only 70% of California Christians believe in God with absolute certainty.
  • Only 66% view religion as being “very important” to their life.
  • Less than 50% attend church weekly.
  • 47% admit that they seldom or never read scripture.

The Bible is very clear that we should be “equally yoked” in marriages and by extension that means it starts in our dating relationships, but as you can see by the statistics above, you may have as little in common with some Christians as with non-believers. This is why at Higher Bond we work hard to generate matches based on true spiritual compatibility and not just superficial characteristics.

Couples who have the same core beliefs and values are far more likely to build a marriage that stands the test of time. Sadly, this is not a factor that seems to be considered on many of the other California Christian dating apps.

Addiction to Screens and Swiping

The trend of swipe dating has forever changed the way online matchmaking is done, and as time passes more and more studies are showing that this is a detriment to Christian singles in California and around the world. 

Unlike other dating apps marketed to California Christian singles we don’t want you to be addicted to our app! This is why we have eliminated all swiping and intentionally slowed the pace by limiting daily matches. Our goal is to be a tool in your life, not to consume all of your free time.

These are just a few of the key ways we’ve made our app intentionally different than anything else out there and why we believe that Higher Bond is truly the best California Christian dating app. If you’d like to check it out for yourself you can try it absolutely free by clicking the link below:

What is Dating in California Like for Christian Singles?

Dating in California for Christian singles can be a unique and sometimes challenging experience shaped by a variety of factors, including the diverse cultural landscape, the influence of progressive attitudes, and the prevalence of technology. Here’s a closer look at what dating in California might be like for Christian singles:

Diversity of Perspectives…

California is known for its cultural diversity and progressive mindset. In the dating scene, this translates to a wide range of perspectives on faith, spirituality, and relationships. While some individuals may prioritize shared Christian values and beliefs in their dating lives, others may have different priorities or perspectives on religion. As a Christian single in California, you may encounter a variety of attitudes towards your faith, which is sure to influence your dating experiences.

Progressive Attitudes Towards Relationships…

California’s progressive culture often emphasizes individual freedom, personal growth, and non-traditional relationship dynamics. While many Christian singles in California still value traditional dating principles and gender roles, they may also navigate a dating landscape where casual relationships and alternative lifestyles are more common. 

It’s important that you use a Christian dating app for California singles, like Higher Bond, that will allow you to get matches based on your beliefs in these areas. As we mentioned previously in this article, being aligned with your match on key issues of faith and how that faith impacts life is the most critical factor in building a successful relationship.

Tech-Savvy Dating Culture…

In a state known for its technological innovation, online dating platforms are prevalent and play a significant role in the dating lives of California singles, including those of Christian faith. 

California Christian Dating apps offer a convenient way to connect with potential partners and expand your social circle, but thanks to many being operated by secular companies, they also come with their own set of challenges. These can include navigating through profiles that may not align with your values, exposure to immodesty/indecency, or encountering individuals who prioritize casual encounters over meaningful relationships.

Community and Support…

Despite the complexities of dating in California, Christian singles can find solace and support in the vibrant Christian communities that exist throughout the state. Churches, Bible study groups, and Christian organizations provide opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, build meaningful connections, and receive spiritual guidance. Here are a just a few of the many thriving singles ministries in California:

You may also be able to find similar groups online on social media, or with websites like Meetup. Engaging with these communities can offer a sense of belonging and support as you navigate the dating scene while staying true to your Christian beliefs.

We’ve discussed a lot on this page about California Christian dating apps, and hopefully gave you some new information to help you in your decision. If you’re still here, we would strongly encourage you to give Higher Bond a try. It won’t cost you anything but some time to try, and we truly believe that it’s the best way to meet Christian singles in California!