Christian Dating Sites for Seniors – Should You Use Higher Bond?

Astoundingly over 80% of seniors in the United States claim to be Christian according to a recent data study, but if you’re interested in meeting single Christian seniors online this next statistic is probably even more interesting to you. An extensive survey discovered that between 28% and 36% of adults over the age of  50 are single.

So, if census data and quick math serve us well, that means that there are as many as 35 million single Christian seniors in the United States. But… how do you meet them and make meaningful connections?

In this guide we will be discussing Christian dating sites for seniors, how they work, the pros and cons, and how you can try the best one on the market absolutely free today!

Why is Higher Bond the Best Christian Dating Site for Seniors?

The bottom line is this – most dating sites for Christian seniors are owned and operated by secular companies like Zoosk, Match, and Tinder. These brands have made millions by glorifying casual hookup culture and meaningless interactions. Sadly they have now brought the same teams, code, design, and lack of moral values over into their “Christian dating” projects and have continued making money while exploiting those who don’t know any better.

Brands like these are a big part of the reason that we decided to build our dating app, Higher Bond, and make it available to single Christian seniors all over the United States.

We designed Higher Bond to be intentionally different! Our app is 100% Christian owned and all potential users are manually vetted by our team before they’re granted access. Working with tech experts, pastors, counselors, and other faith leaders we built our brand around two core values: Biblical values and user safety.

If you’d like to see for yourself what makes Higher Bond the best Christian dating site for seniors you can do so by clicking the link below:

Can Seniors Try This Christian Dating Site for Free?

Absolutely! If you’re a Christian senior who would like to try our dating site, Higher Bond, you can easily do so by clicking here to sign up or by clicking any of the blue buttons in this guide.

By creating a free Higher Bond account you will be able to…

  • See curated daily matches.
  • Read any message sent to you completely free!
  • Respond to any messages you receive for free!
  • Send 1 Daily Matching Interest to another member.
  • See all Daily Matching Interests you’ve received.
  • And get exclusive access to daily devotionals, Dating School articles, and Higher Bond events!

It’s truly an unparalleled free trial in the industry giving you much more access than many other Christian senior dating sites, and a great way to test out the app and start making connections at zero cost to you!

Pros and Cons of Christian Dating Sites for Seniors

As we’ve previously mentioned not all Christian senior dating sites are what they appear to be. That said, we’re also not fully against online dating (we did make our own app after all!), but there are a few things we think all older Christian singles should know before trying to make connections this way.

Firstly we recommend familiarizing yourself with our tips for staying safe with online dating. These tips will help you remain safe whether you decide to use Higher Bond or one of the other Christian senior dating sites on the internet.

Secondly, we would encourage you to review the full list of pros and cons we’ve listed below:

Pros of Online Dating for Christian Seniors

  • Meet More Singles! – The biggest pro of giving a dating app a try is that you expand your sphere of influence. As we get older our group of peers and others we interact with generally decreases and generally makes the prospect of dating seem awkward or even impossible. Christian dating apps for seniors offer an excellent solution to this!
  • Spiritual Compatability – Finding a partner with whom you’ll be equally yolked is another huge advantage to meeting single Christian seniors online. At Higher Bond for example, you won’t just see matches who broadly identify as “Christian”, but thanks to our faith-based questionnaire will be able to find a partner who truly shares your beliefs. Many factors like denomination, church attendance, tithing habits, and prayer life will weigh in toward finding someone who is spiritually compatible with you.
  • Built for Serious Relationships – The last benefit we wanted to point out is that most dating apps for Christian seniors cater to individuals seeking long-term committed relationships. This means you will be able to avoid the casual, hookup-style dating culture that so many mainstream dating sites promote.

Cons of Online Dating for Christian Seniors

  • Scammers – Unlike our app Higher Bond, many of the top Christian dating sites for seniors have minimal or no user screening in place. What this means is that scammers, catfish, and other bad actors can easily get in and start messaging people. These people will try to take advantage of you by pulling at your heart strings and then asking for money or personal information that they can sell. It’s an extremely serious problem if you’re not prepared (which again is why you should read our online dating safety tips!).
  • Not Everyone Is Who They Say They Are – Similarly to our first point about people deceiving people, it turns out that many Christian dating sites for seniors are actually owned by secular companies. As a result, core Biblical values are often watered down, if not flat-out ignored. Sadly, the focus of these brands (Like Christian Mingle, Upward, and others) is on making money from Christians and not on building lasting Godly marriages.
  • Costs – Cost can also be a factor for older Christian singles who may be on a fixed income. In efforts to keep Higher Bond affordable for our users, we have offered a free membership tier as well as a low-priced premium membership starting at $14.95/month. However, many other dating sites for Christian singles routinely charge as much as $65 monthly which can become financially draining.
  • Technological Challenges – You may be surprised to hear that over 60% of seniors are now smartphone users. That said, many still find navigating the features and functions of dating apps to be confusing. Truth be told – if this is your biggest hold back we think you should give online dating a try. Higher Bond and most other Christian senior dating apps work hard to be user-friendly and offer excellent customer support to help with any navigation issues.

How do Christian Senior Dating Sites work?

If you’re not familiar with online dating we’ll give you a quick run down to give you an idea of what you’re in for when trying a Christian dating site for seniors. The process should look something like this…

  • Step 1 Signup – Here you will input basic information like your name and email which will allow you to log in to your dating site account.
  • Step 2 – Build a Profile – After that, you will need to start building a profile. In the case of Higher Bond and some other Christian senior dating sites this will start with a detailed questionnaire. Your answers to these questions will give our matching algorithm the information it needs to start recommending compatible matches, as well as giving potential matches a look into what makes you a great match for them!
  • Step 3 – Wait for Approval – While this step doesn’t exist on many dating apps we wanted to mention it because here at Higher Bond, all users must be manually approved by our team before they are ever able to see the inside of the app. This is one of the key hands-on ways we work to keep our users safe by keeping scammers out.
  • Step 4 – Find a Match and Introduce Yourself – Once you’ve made it into the app you’re ready to start checking your matches. Once you see someone you like you can send them a message or if you’re a bit shy you should simply “poke” them by using our Daily Match Interest Feature.

This is of course not how all dating apps for Christian seniors work. Many of the apps and sites owned by the secular companies we mentioned earlier in this article prefer “Swiping” over batch-based matchmaking. And while endlessly searching through a sea of singles for potential matches may sound fun on the surface many experts have noticed a trend of harmful dopamine addiction with this style of matchmaking.

That is why we at Higher Bond strictly avoid swiping within our Christian seniors dating site. But, this is just one of the many ways we are working hard to give Higher Bond users of all ages a better and safer online dating experience. Click the link below to learn more: