Christian Speed Dating – Meet New Christian Singles Fast!

Speed dating has been a prevalent piece in American culture for years despite the vast majority of people never attending a speed dating event. That said, movies may not have painted the most accurate picture of how these events work or of their availability.

If you’re here you’re probably wondering where you can find Christian speed dating events near you. Maybe you’d like to know where the church stands on running speed dating events for Christian singles or whether or not these events actually work to make great matches.

We’ll be covering all that and more in our guide to speed dating for Christians. Let’s get to it!

Is Christian Speed Dating a Real Thing?

The best answer to this is…. Yes and no? Let us explain a bit more.

If you’re looking for an experience like you’ve seen in the movies then the landscape of speed dating for Christian singles is probably going to let you down. Odds are that you won’t see coffee shops or churches near you offering Christian speed dating events.

In fact, we’ve noticed a sweeping trend of churches around the country ending even more their more “traditional” in-person singles ministries since the COVID-19 pandemic. What this means is that in most cases if you’re going to be looking for Christian speed dating then you will have to look online.

However, if speed dating for Christians only really exists online it opens up an important conversation—what’s the difference between this and Christian dating apps? And which is better? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Christian Speed Dating vs Christian Dating Apps

Before we get too far into this concept we wanted to drop a quick disclaimer – this section will compare the pros and cons of speed dating for Christians with the Higher Bond dating app. These comparisons won’t hold up for many other popular “Christian” dating apps which are often owned by secular companies and devoid of Biblical values (learn more about how we designed our app to be intentionally different here!)

With that said, there are clearly some similarities between online dating and Christian speed dating. Chief among them is the goal to quickly start meeting like-minded singles who otherwise would have been outside your sphere of influence. Truth be told, either option accomplishes this goal quite well. However, there are some downsides to Christian speed dating sites that lead us to believe a dating app like Higher Bond is a better option. Let’s explore those together:

Culture of Disposability and Overly-Fast Pace

In today’s world, dating is often designed to be done at breakneck speeds. Sadly many Christian speed dating sites and even dating apps are owned and operated by secular companies whose main goal is making money. As a result, they’re not concerned with the negative mental implications of dating at this pace. 

Since speed dating typically requires you to make judgments based on conversations lasting 10 minutes or less it can create pressure, anxiety, and discouragement similar to what so many experience with swipe-based dating apps (like Upward or Tinder). The other sad truth is that speed dating focuses on attraction more than forging meaningful connections. 

Many times the type of singles who show up to speed dating events (Christian or not) may have less-than-ideal intentions. Many agree with us that this casual dating culture is a detriment to the church in the United States today.

At Higher Bond, you will have much more time to review matches, prayerfully consider compatibility, and chat at your own pace. We’ve gone against the trends set by culture, intentionally slowing the pace at which you will meet new matches. 

Instead of randomly setting you across the table from strangers or having you endlessly swipe profiles, we give our users a batch of daily messages curated around the values they hold most dear. We believe that by focusing on spiritual compatibility and not just first impressions we can build much more meaningful and lasting relationships.

Differences in Screening Standards

Many times there is little to no screening to be involved in Christian speed dating online. And while we won’t say no one has ever met a great match in these environments there are some inherent risks to a lack of screening.

At best these could come down to having conversations with a lot of singles who “say they’re Christian”, but it doesn’t have much impact on the way they live their lives. On the other hand this could lead to encounters with catfish, scammers, and others who are completely misrepresenting themselves to take advantage of you.

It’s important for all Christian speed dating site users to be aware of ways they can keep themselves safe online, but in our opinion, many of these websites could be doing more to protect their users (and the same can be said of many dating apps).

That is why at Higher Bond we have a team of real people manually reviewing 100% of applicants, profiles, and photos before anyone gets access to our app. Our goal is to not only protect our users from the types of bad actors we mentioned previously, but also to protect them from things that can be spiritually detrimental (like exposure to sexually charged images, or hateful/anti-Christian language).

Limited Participants

We’ll keep this last point short and snappy. The bottom line is that most speed dating events won’t have more than 50 participants. In fact, we’ve seen some Christian speed dating services boast about having 14 to 20 participants show.

This is an extremely far cry from a dating app like Higher Bond that has thousands of Christian singles signed up and waiting to make meaningful connections. Between the limited time for connections, pressure to make snap judgments, the potential for superficiality and misrepresentation, lack of participant screening, and low event turnouts we are hesitant to recommend speed dating for Christian singles.

We recommend prioritizing your comfort and safety by trying Higher Bond (and it won’t cost you anything to see if it’s right for you!).

Where to Find Christian Speed Dating Events Near Me

Plenty of singles have recommended that churches should hold speed dating events, but as we’ve mentioned already in this article, it’s quite rare to see this happen. Many times churches find these types of things awkward and focus the efforts of singles ministries around finding contentment in the Lord while you wait for a partner.

And while there are many valuable and enriching lessons to learn in these ministries, this can be discouraging for singles looking for Christian speed dating events. Sadly, the options online aren’t amazing either.

Typically we see small online communities hosting events. There is often a cost to enter and low participation rates. Though we don’t recommend these groups, here is a look at some of the options you will have available for Christian speed dating online:

Again… these are not recommendations… We just wanted you to see what’s out there to help inform your decision on whether on not Christian speed dating is right for you.

One final note – If you’re dead set on finding in-person Christian speed dating, you could try your luck with websites like Eventbrite or Meetup. Events on these sites will often cost a bit more but can be found now and then (for example this one at a church in San Diego). Please just make sure you do some research on who’s running the event and what you can expect before you show up if you go this route!

Should Christians Try Speed Dating?

From where we stand the answer to this is probably a no. As we’ve discussed Christian speed dating events can be hard to find as churches rarely host or sponsor these types of events and the virtual landscape of speed dating for Christians isn’t much better…

The only other option for Christians to try speed dating would be to go to secular events where they would expose themselves to an array of singles with whom they would be unequally yolked (likely both in beliefs and in intentions).

That said, we understand that you were looking into Christian speed dating because you’re ready to start meeting Christian singles now, and we want to help you out with that. If you click the link below you can try Higher Bond absolutely free and find matches in a much safer and more Christ-centered environment!