Conservative Dating App Higher Bond: Veteran-Owned

If you’re a conservative single who likes what Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire stand for, you’re probably going to be a big fan of the conservative dating app Higher Bond. As a Veteran-owned Christian dating app, the morals and values that Higher Bond embodies are deeply aligned with everything that is most important to conservative singles—God, Family, Country.

If you’re a single Christian who is proud of your conservative values and you’re serious about meeting someone special, Higher Bond just may be the ideal dating app for you.

Why Higher Bond is a Great Conservative Dating App

For those who are interested in learning more, we wanted to share a few of the reasons that we feel Higher Bond is a great fit for conservative singles. Let’s look at the top three reasons now.

1. Conservative News Outlet Daily Wire Endorsed

The Daily Wire has long been a staple of the conservative community with digital powerhouses like Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles—just to name a few. And if you know anything about the Daily Wire, they are extremely careful about what companies they choose to promote and advertise on their platform.

This is why Higher Bond is very proud to share that we have been heavily vetted, approved, and are working with Daily Wire to promote the great work that we’re doing for Christian singles in the conservative community. Check out our most recent promotions that ran with Matt Walsh!

Note: While you can still join Higher Bond for free, the three month premium offer Matt and Michael are talking about are not currently running. Rest assured, though, a lot of great features (including chat abilities) come 100% free when you sign up for an account.

2. Veteran Owned Conservative Dating App

Something we’re also very proud of at Higher Bond is that the company is 100% Veteran owned by a former armor officer with the U.S. Army. Not only does joining Higher Bond support a Veteran-owned company, but you can be confident that the direction of the company will be aligned with conservative values.

As a fun side story, when Higher Bond was being first developed, many of the designs and framework for the app were created on the back of an Abrams tank!

3. A Focus on Morals, Modesty, and Values

Unfortunately, most Christian dating apps on the market today are Christian in name only (CINO?). These popular apps are secularly owned and don’t care about morals, modesty, or traditional values. Thankfully, Higher Bond aims to be different. As a 100% Christian owned company, you can rest assured knowing that morals, modesty, and values are things Higher Bond refuses to waiver on.

If you’re a Christian single and all of this sounds amazing, why not sign up and give Higher Bond a try right now!

Other Conservative Dating Apps

While we’re obviously going to be partial to Higher Bond (because it’s what we created and we think it’s the best conservative dating app for Christian singles), we do want to take a minute and share some of the other conservative dating app options available to you. Forewarning—the list is small, mainly because most apps that have tried to serve this niche ended up closing their doors.

The Right Stuff Dating App

One of the best attempts at a conservative dating app that we’ve seen over the past few years was The Right Stuff, but it has since run into some challenges. The app was founded by John McEntee (political advisor to former President Trump), Daniel Huff, and Isaac Stalzer and was funded by Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal.

While reports show the app came out strong the first few days of its launch in September of 2022, other details show that the popularity and steam fell off rather abruptly. The company’s social media streams are still active, but rarely talk about dating and are usually just videos of someone sharing conservative reactions to current events. Nothing wrong with sharing those viewpoints, but we’d expect a conservative dating app to be more focused on dating.

The last update we see for The Right Stuff in the Apple Store was back in August of 2023, which is more than 6 months ago. While this may mean they’re just not adding any new features, it can also be one of the first nods that the steam may be running out of the engine.

If you’re looking for a conservative dating app and you’re not Christian, this may be one worth checking out.

Republican Singles Dating App

This is a website (does not appear to be an app) that we’ve recently seen pop up running ads on Google to attract conservative singles. Unfortunately, we have a lot of concerns about what we see. First, if you go to the company’s homepage and look at the bottom, it shows it is based out of Cyprus—thousands of miles away from the US. We’d expect a real conservative dating app to be based in the United States.

Second, the Republican Singles Dating app actually shows member profiles publicly right on their homepage. For us, this is a huge invasion of privacy. People should be required to create an account and go through some form of vetting process before gaining access to see other members. For us, this is a huge miss and a massive red flag.

While not trying to speak ill off other groups, this feels like a site to use at your own risk.

The Best Conservative Dating App – Higher Bond

Hopefully this helps to give you a better picture of what dating looks like for conservative singles in the US. If you’re a Christian, we’d recommend checking out Higher Bond. If you’re not a Christian, The Right Stuff Dating app could be worth a look.