Want to learn more about Higher Bond? Awesome! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the platform, our mission, and our goals.

Higher Bond is a dating app built for Christian singles who value faith as the driving force behind their relationship decisions.

Yes! Higher Bond is 100% Christian owned. You can read more about the founding story of Higher Bond here.

What you may not know is that the majority of the most popular Christian dating apps are actually owned by secular companies who really don’t care about your morals or values. These apps promote worldly views on dating, allow inappropriate content, and run on watered-down values. They’re all about instant gratification and meaningless interactions.

Higher Bond works intentionally to be different, serving as a breath of fresh air in an industry that so desperately needs it.

At Higher Bond, we are a 100% Christian owned company designed for singles who value faith as the driving force behind their relationship decisions, and who want a dating experience truly built on Biblical values. Higher Bond is a safer, more Christ-centered approach to online dating that truly values quality over quantity. Some of the things we do differently include:

  • 100% Christian Owned – Our goal is Kingdom work, unlike the secularly owned companies trying to handle such an intimate part of the Christian faith.
  • Manual Account Approvals – 100% of accounts are manually approved by a real person before even seeing their first match.
  • Strict Modesty Guidelines – Strict modesty guidelines are in place for photos, and 100% of photos are manually approved by a real person before being allowed on the platform.
  • Account Verification – A unique selfie-verification process helps to ensure the person you’re talking to is the same person in the photos you’re seeing.
  • Educational Resources – We regularly provide free educational resources, seminars, and more to teach our members how to stay safe and guard their hearts.
  • No Swiping of Any Kind – Research shows that swipe-based matchmaking is having a detrimental effect on people’s mental health leading to anxiety, withdrawal feelings, emotional burnout, and depression. There is no swiping at Higher Bond.
  • Curated Batch-Style Matching – At Higher Bond, you get 3-5 curated matches every day. See someone you like? Great! If not, you’re protected from spending hours on end swiping and searching through matches. Simply come back tomorrow to see your new batch of matches.
  • Daily Devotionals – We share a free daily devotional designed intentionally for single men and single women.

These are just a few of the ways that we’re different.

Yes, Higher Bond is free to join. All members who join Higher Bond are granted a Basic Level Membership that is 100% free forever. The features that come with a Basic Membership that will always be free forever include:

  • See your daily matches
  • Read every message sent to you for free
  • Respond to every message sent to you for free
  • Send (1) Daily Matching Interest to another member
  • See all Daily Matching Interests sent to you
  • Access to all daily devotionals, Dating School, and Higher Bond events.

Higher Bond members can ALWAYS read and respond to any message sent to them completely free of charge. We do offer a Premium account upgrade option that does come with some additional features including the ability to initiate conversations (send the first message).

Ideally, we would love to make the entire app and all features free forever, but it’s just not feasible. We are self-funded and things like security, servers, customer support, development staff, and features are expensive to keep running. In a perfect world it would be free, but it’s just not possible.

We do think allowing all members to read and respond to all messages free of charge plus the additional features and amenities mentioned is far above anything else offered in the industry. Additionally, by having some premium options, it allows us to offer a safer experience to members and to keep Higher Bond’s doors open.

Higher Bond is open to singles 18 years of age or older.

Absolutely! Higher Bond is truly for singles of all ages, including more seasoned singles. In fact, Higher Bond’s oldest member is 93 years old!

Anyone is welcome to use Higher Bond! That being said, some of the more popular denominations include:

  • Anglican/Episcopal
  • Assemblies of God
  • Baptist
  • Catholic
  • Congregational/Continental
  • Lutheran
  • Mennonite/Anabaptist
  • Messianic
  • Methodist
  • Non-Denominational
  • Orthodox
  • Other
  • Pentecostal
  • Presbyterian
  • Protestant
  • Seventh-Day Adventist

You can reach out to Higher Bond at anytime by sending an email to support@higherbond.com.

If you’re ready to get signed up, you may do so by clicking this link here.