Florida Christian Dating App – Meet Singles at Higher Bond

There are over 22 million people in the state of Florida, and while that statistic may not interest you, we think the next ones will. Since about half the state’s population is single and about 70% say they’re Christian, that means there are roughly 7.6 million single Christians in Florida today! If you’re interested in meeting these amazing singles from the Sunshine State, Florida Christian dating apps are certainly the way to go. Today, we want to share why Higher Bond should be at the top of your list and then talk a bit about what singles can expect in FL.

Why is Higher Bond the Best Christian Dating App in Florida?

Sadly, most Christian dating apps in Florida are secularly owned by companies who couldn’t care less about your beliefs or respecting your morals. Thankfully, Higher Bond is different. This new Christian dating app offers a safer and more Christ-centered approach to online dating that is truly built on Biblical values. Higher Bond focuses on modesty and is designed to build lasting marriages within the church.

In fact, Higher Bond was started by a husband and wife team who are passionate about doing the Lord’s work (and they’re originally from Florida!). If you’re ready for a different and better experience with a Florida Christian dating app, it’s time to give Higher Bond a try.

What Florida is Like for Christian Singles?

When you’re in the Bible belt (or just below it, depending on who you ask), Christian dating is certainly going to be better than it is in other parts of the country. For Floridians, this means that most Florida Christian dating apps are going to have more options than you might see in more northern or western states.

A lot of this will be quite dependent on your city, though. Florida is a very polarized state where you can be in one city, drive 10 miles in any direction, and it’s a completely different culture with differing popularity of religion.

As a whole, the state of Florida ranks as the 22nd most religious state in the nation, according to Pew Research. Of the 21.78 million people in the state, the data shows that around 70% identify as Christian, with the largest segments being Evangelical Christian (24%) and Catholic (21%).

Regarding resources for singles in Florida, we do see quite a few churches with dedicated single’s ministries as well as dedicated single’s pastors, like The Tribe Single’s Ministry at Orlando Church of Christ or MBC Single Adult Ministry at McGregor Baptist Church in Fort Myers, FL as examples.

We also see some rather large Meetup groups in Florida for Christian singles with hundreds and even thousands of members. Here are a few examples.

There are also quite a few Facebook groups for Christian dating in Florida that show quite a few people who are interested in meeting a faith partner in the area. Here are a few examples.

While these options are great, they are still somewhat limiting and can make it difficult to expand your group of potential matches if you’ve already been plugged in there. We truly believe that Higher Bond is the best way for Florida’s Christian singles to meet and you can try it absolutely free by using the link below