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Georgia has a lot to offer, and being ranked as the state with the 8th most religious adults in the United States means that it has plenty of Christian singles for those looking for lasting love. With 64% claiming that religion is very important in their life, and the state’s population consisting of approximately three million singles, there are plenty of fish in that sea making Georgia one of the 10 best states for Christian singles. Despite these impressive statistics many still struggle to make meaningful connections. But why?

Among the biggest issues is that many of Georgia’s Christian dating apps are not built with morals and biblical values in mind. Many people are shocked to hear that most “Christian” dating apps are owned by the same companies that produce dating apps practicing Christians wouldn’t dare touch (Apps like Tinder, Zoosk, and Match to name a few.). 

Stick around to learn more about the state of online dating in Georgia, how it impacts the church community, and why we’re confident in saying that Higher Bond is the best Christian dating app for Georgia singles!

Why is Higher Bond the Best Georgia Christian Dating App?

We were hoping you would ask that! Higher Bond is the best Christian dating app out there because it is 100% Christian-owned and operated, meaning every design and decision is made with God’s morals in mind. You wouldn’t trust someone who’s beliefs go against your faith make decisions for your life, so why allow them to direct your love life in any way?

Today’s available apps that are labeled as Christian dating apps are filled with the same pitfalls as any other secular dating app out there. They are left unfiltered, and misguided, leaving you unprotected and uncertain. With apps like Tinder turning 11 years old in 2024, many people are realizing that endless swiping and dopamine highs aren’t very effective at all. That’s another reason why Higher Bond was designed with your best interest in mind.

Another big reason Higher Bond is the best dating app for Christians is because just like the Church we aim to come alongside you in your search for God’s match for you. We do our best to keep our algorithms searching for someone who stands on the same morals as you do. 

One Forbes study shows that about 56% of divorced people surveyed believe that a better understanding of their ex-spouse’s values and morals could have spared their marriages. That’s why true spiritual compatibility is a cornerstone of our search for your partner on Higher Bond, and why we believe we truly have the best Christian dating app for Georgia singles.

What is Dating Like for Christian Singles in Georgia?

With Georgia being rich in churches, it’s not surprising to find that they also have a lot of options when it comes to singles ministries. Some of those ministries are solely for singles who wish to dive deeper into their faith and walk in their singleness with God alone, while others strongly encourage meaningful connections between the men and women in the single category of their congregation.

Many of these singles ministries are easy to connect with online, so we listed some from the top cities in Georgia to help you get started if you wish to try multiple God-centered avenues on your search for love.

There are also plenty of singles studies and small groups findable on Meetup and other online communities. These aren’t Georgia Christian dating apps, but they can certainly be a useful resource for making friends and learning more about the Lord.

The Peach state has many large cities that are perfect for those using Georgia Christian dating apps like Higher Bond to connect with large pools of singles. Even with so many options for meeting Christian singles in person, having the best Georgia dating app as a tool is a great place to start. These online venues are especially handy if you live in the more rural areas of the state.

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