How Higher Bond Works

At Higher Bond, we do things a little differently. Instead of giving in to the more, more, more culture of today, we take a quality over quantity approach to online dating. With our team’s combined decades of experience in the online dating industry, we designed our approach to solve some of the biggest issues with online dating today.

Let’s take a quick look at how it works.

1. Daily Batch Matching

Everyday, we’ll send you a batch of 3-5 new matches that we’ve carefully curated for you. Your matches will refresh every 24 hours.

Why this approach?

Most online dating apps and websites give you access to a massive catalog of singles all at once or an endless stream of singles to swipe through. While it might sound productive to have this many options, we believe that is not the case. This many options at once causes people to spend hours on end dating online, which can be detrimental to their mental health.

Online dating is an effective way to meet quality singles, but it starts to lose that effectiveness when it’s not consumed in moderation.

2. One New Conversation Per Day

As a Premium Member of Higher Bond, you can initiate one new conversation per day.

That means out of your 3-5 daily matches, you can only pick one person that you’d like to start a conversation with. You can always continue on as many active conversations as you have going, but you can only start one new one per day.

Why this approach?

Most people who have dated online know that some singles like to send the same cookie-cutter, thoughtless message to every single they see on the site. The result is an inbox filled with low-effort messages from singles who might not even be interested in you. With our approach, careful consideration has to be put into choosing the match that you’re the most interested in.

No longer is online dating a numbers game, but it’s not a much more quality experience.

3. Guided First Messages

The first message you send to someone on Higher Bond is a series of four questions known as a guided first message.

After your message is sent, the recipient has the option to accept or pass on continuing the conversation. Once they click accept, the conversation goes to a normal chat/email format.

The four questions are:

  • Tell them your name and introduce yourself!
  • Let them know what you like about them.
  • Share something interesting about yourself.
  • Ask them an interesting question!

Why this approach?

One of the biggest complaints in online dating is the quality of first messages. “hey” and “sup” can only go so far. Sometimes these messages are a result of a low-effort approach to dating, but sometimes it’s just because writing a first message is hard! With our simple guided first messages, you’ll send a first message that introduces you, let’s them know what you like about them, and gives them an easy way to respond!

4. Free Members Can Always Respond

At Higher Bond, free members can ALWAYS respond to messages from Premium Users.

Why this approach?

At most online dating sites, you can only respond to a message from a premium user if you’re also a premium user. While this seems like a bummer for free members, it’s a worse situation for premium users. At most online dating sites, only about 10% of the users are premium users. That means if you send out 10 amazing messages, statistically only 1 of those people even has the ability to respond to you! If they’re not interested, you’re not going to get a single response back.

However, with Higher Bond, 100% of the people you send a new message to will have the ability to respond for free.