Is eharmony Christian? The Real Answer from the Company

When believers are looking for a place to date online, a common dating app that is suggested is eharmony. But the follow up question that produces different answers based on who you ask is whether or not eharmony is Christian. Today, we’re going to answer that question, show you definitive proof (including quotes from eharmony), and put this question to bed once and for all.

Is eharmony Christian?

The answer is no, eharmony is not a Christian dating app. It is a secularly-owned and secularly-run dating app that does have some Christian users, but it is designed to be inclusive of everyone from every background.

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Proof that eharmony is NOT Christian

Here are several reasons that we know for a fact that eharmony is not Christian.

According to the company’s FAQ from its website, eharmony stated, “We are not associated with any religion nor is our membership pool composed of any single religion. We don’t have a type – eharmony accepts members of all religions and backgrounds.”

Additionally, in an interview with Healthy Framework, eharmony’s VP of Communications and CSR Kristen Berry was asked “Is eharmony a Christian-only dating app?”. Her response was, “We don’t have a type – eharmony members represent adults of all ages, demographics, religious beliefs and backgrounds. What our members have in common is a shared desire for meaningful relationships based on something deeper than looks, likes, and location. eharmony is passionate about creating real love for all, and that’s exactly what our members are looking for.”

Why People Think eharmony is Christian

If eharmony is so clearly not Christian, why does this question get asked so often? Why are the answers given so ambiguous? Well, the reason for this has to do with the roots of eharmony. eharmony was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist and Evangelical Christian. Dr. Warren was also a Christian theologian, professor, and the former dean of Fuller Theological Seminary. Because of this, many people believed that eharmony was a Christian dating app, which has been proven to be incorrect.

Dr. Warren has since retired and is no longer directly involved with the company.