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If the whole idea of online dating is new to you or you tried it and you’re just not sure if you’re going about it the right way, good news—you’re right where you need to be! Today, Jason is going to walk you through everything you need to know to be successful.

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Step 1 of 4: Setting the Right Expectations for Online Dating

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re new to online dating is approaching it with the wrong expectations. While this might sound small, the effects can be incredibly impactful. In this video, Jason shares what you need to know about setting your expectations properly.

  • Video Length – 9:06
  • From Jason – “This video is so incredibly important because expecting too much or expecting too little from online dating can affect your success immensely. In this short video, we’ll make sure you have your expectations dialed in to set yourself up for success now and in the future. I’m excited to share it with you!”

Perfect! As you can see now, setting your expectations properly is so important to your success, happiness, and longevity along this journey. When you’re ready, let’s head to the next step.

Step 2 of 4: How to Stay Safe Online in a Broken World

The next thing we want to look at is arguably the most important of them all—how to stay safe when dating online. This video will walk you through practical steps on how to stay safe, what to avoid, and how to protect your heart.

  • Video Length – 29:37
  • From Jason – “This is the longest of the three videos we’ve put together for you but it’s hands-down the most important. Please, please, please take the 30 minutes and watch this from start to finish. And if you have friends who date online or you’re part of a singles group, make sure you share this with them because education is the number one way to keep yourself safe online.”

Want to share this video with a friend, your single’s group, or your pastors? We highly recommend it! The more Christians we can share this with, the safer we can all be. Here’s the link to copy and send:

Step 3 of 4: How to Have the Most Success Dating Online

Our last video we want to share before we send you out the door as a graduate of our online dating preparation course is this one—how to have success when dating online. Jason shares eight of the most important things you’ll want to know to give yourself the best chance of a successful time dating online.

  • Video Length – 7:04
  • From Jason – “Out of all the videos we had the privilege of putting together for you, this one was my favorite. Why? Because I know that the things we share here are going to set you up for success in your search for a partner. I can’t wait for you to watch this one and let me know if (and maybe when) it helps you!

Step 4: Get Signed Up!

That’s it! You now have all the knowledge and resources you need to be successful dating online. If you’re ready, I’d invite you to click the button bellow to get started with Higher Bond now.

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