Top Christian Dating App Ohio – Meet Singles at Higher Bond

Recent study data suggests that nearly 4 in 10 adults in Ohio attend church every week. On top of that, we know that the state’s 11.7 million residents make Ohio the nation’s 7th most populous state with roughly 73% of those people claiming to be believers. So meeting Christian singles in Ohio should be easy then, right?

Well, that hasn’t exactly been the experience of most. And though technology has opened many doors, it’s not even been the experience of many using Ohio Christian dating apps. Sadly, there are valid reasons for this, but we think we can help!

In this guide, we will be looking at Higher Bond, explaining why it’s better than other Christian dating apps in Ohio, and exploring some of the issues that make it more difficult than it needs to be for Ohio’s singles to connect with good Godly partners.

Why is Higher Bond the Best Ohio Dating App for Christians?

You may already know that there are quite a few Christian dating apps you can use in Ohio. But there’s a secret many of these apps are keeping from you. Here is it: Many of the top dating apps marketed to Christians are actually owned by secular companies mirroring the codebase, design, and lack of ethical values from apps like Match, Tinder, and Zoosk. (Watch this video to learn more)

And if it wasn’t enough that apps calling themselves “Christian” don’t care about your morals and beliefs, what if we told you that they were intentionally trying to make money from causing you harm? A recent lawsuit claims that this is exactly what’s happening by encouraging “compulsive use” and manipulating users with dopamine loops.

But this doesn’t mean we’re against Ohio Christian dating apps. We just knew there had to be a better way, and that’s why we built Higher Bond to be intentionally different.

Higher Bond is a 100% Christian-owned dating app. It was designed from top to bottom around Biblical values and user safety. Our goal is to be a tool that builds lasting marriages within the church without all the immodesty, swiping, and dopamine addiction you’ll find on other apps.

What is Dating in Ohio Like for Christian Singles?

We’ve already looked at a lot of stats showing the broad landscape of church culture in Ohio and there are many more to back them (Like this study showing Ohio as the 17th most religious state in the country.), but we’d like to take a look past the stats into what Ohio singles are really experiencing. Here’s what we found

Finding True Compatability can be Challenging…

While Ohio has a large Christian population finding true compatability can be tricky. There are various denominations, beliefs, and levels of religious involvement even within the church community—all of which can cause friction in dating relationships and marriages.

If you can’t see eye to eye on things like tithing, church attendance, or gender roles within the home then we think the outlook of the relationship is bleak…

The bottom line is that if Christ is the center of your life you will only be compatible with someone living the same way (and if you’re a lukewarm or cultural-Christian this concept of being equally yolked also applies). That’s why all of these factors were taken into account when we designed our Ohio Christian dating app, Higher Bond. 

The Challenge of Dating Pool Dissatisfaction…

Whether you opt to use a Christian dating app in Ohio or meet “the old-fashioned way” you’re likely to run into the issue of dating pool dissatisfaction. Many times this can happen when you’re living in a more rural area of the state and simply don’t have many singles at your church.

But that doesn’t mean that Christians in cities like Cleveland, Colombus, and Cincinnati are immune to experiencing this. Perhaps for those of you in these bigger cities, there’s just no one at church that stands out? Or maybe you don’t feel comfortable joining local singles groups?

Using an Ohio Christian dating app can be a great way to gain some control over this as well. On Higher Bond, you will be able to expand your search radius beyond your sphere of influence giving you a new and safe way to expand and diversify your dating pool.

Opportunities Within the Church Community and Singles Groups…

While we do think dating apps are a great way for Ohio singles to meet we’re also not so jaded as to believe it’s “the only way”. There are many brothers and sisters in Christ who are working hard to come alongside those singles and we wanted to give them a shout-out here.

Ohio Singles Ministries and Life Groups

Churches like Worthington Christian and New Community Bible Fellowship are just two of the many churches throughout Ohio with thriving ministries for singles! Similarly, other churches have life groups, and though they’re not specifically designed for singles they will help you spend time with adults who share common interests (See World Harvest Church for an example of this).

Please note that the goal of these groups is not to build dating relationships, but rather to learn to trust and serve God as a single adult while you wait. To this end, some churches have even opted not to have their singles group be co-ed (like in the case of Oasis City Church which has two singles groups, but for women only).

So, while some Christians have found their spouses in these groups, going in with that goal in mind can lead to awkwardness and disappointment. If you know you’re looking to meet singles to date then using a Ohio Christian dating app can certainly help avoid this.

Online Groups for Ohio Christian Singles – Facebook and Meetup

Christian dating apps aren’t the only way to find singles online in Ohio. Another way to try and diversify your dating pool is by joining online communities. Here are a few of the biggest ones:

Truth be told these online singles groups seem to be much less prevalent in Ohio than in other areas of the country.

Another note is that whether we’re talking about singles ministries, lifegroups, Facebook Groups, or Meetup, these groups are often age-specific. Some cater to “College and career age” singles around 18 to 25 while other churches seemingly neglect this age group and focus their singles ministry efforts only older singles (generally 40+). 

And while we can’t say for sure why this is we can say that it’s another area where using an Ohio Christian dating app like Higher Bond may give you more control. If you’d like to see for yourself why Higher Bond is the best Christian dating app in Ohio we would welcome you try try it yourself using the link below: