The Beginnings

My name is Jason. I’m a Christian, a husband, a father, and a former Army officer. For years, I struggled with being single. I remember the feelings that “I’m never going to find anyone” or that I had “done something to mess up God’s plan for my romantic life.” And while I’m sure I didn’t make it easy on Him by any stretch of the word, God answered my prayers and blessed me with an incredible Christian woman who truly lives out Proverbs 31. She’s everything I could want, more than I deserve, and one of the most tangible demonstrations of God’s love in my life.

But there’s a more important detail to this story I want to share. We met online. We met through a dating app. I had tried every dating app under the sun, found myself on the edge of giving up more times than I could count, deleted and reinstalled the apps like a broken record, and truly felt the weight of what online dating can do to someone.

While I’d never trade the experience for anything because of the outcome, I always knew this wasn’t how it should or could be. My wife and I spent our entire first date talking about how tough our experiences had been online. The bad dates, the emotional fatigue, the stress, the wasted money, the weight on our faith…little did I know that this seemingly small conversation was God laying the groundwork for where He’d call my wife and I to serve down the road.

Over the next few years, God began to show us more and more of what online dating looked like for Christians. We began to see that most “Christian” dating apps aren’t very Christian at all. They’re simply spun versions of popular worldly dating apps with the name of Christ stamped in their branding. They promote worldly views on dating, allow inappropriate content, and fail to provide a safe environment for Christian singles. Sadly, we learned this should be expected as the largest and most popular apps are not Christian-owned or rooted in faith, yet they have a massive impact on the faith community.

The Day It All Changed

One Sunday at church it all changed. Our pastor was preaching a series titled Family Matters where he talked about just how important the family unit is to the Church and the future of our faith. As he started sharing about the generational impact of the breakdown of the family unit, God laid it on my heart that it was time to be part of the change. I know that God certainly doesn’t need our help, but what an amazing blessing that in His divine sovereignty, He chooses to allow us to be part of His work.

We had to do something to help single Christians. I knew that our challenging experiences were not just bad luck. I knew that everything we had seen and learned over the past few years wasn’t just some strange coincidence. It was clear that God was calling us to take action. No longer could we stand idly by as secular and mainstream companies controlled such an intimate part of the Christian faith community.

We left that church service, got in our car, and I began to share with my wife what God was telling me. We prayed about it, prayed some more, and decided to be trusting to His call and put our ‘yes’ on the table.

That was Day One of Higher Bond.

The Journey

Ever since that day, it’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs as we work to bring Higher Bond to life. I remember getting our first member. I remember getting our first email that two people who met on Higher Bond were getting married. And I remember all the hills and the valleys in between and leading up to those two moments.

Thankfully through it all, the God of mountain is also the God of the valley. Every win, every setback, every decision, and every challenge has had one thing in common—He has been with us.

The Future

Our goal now is to grow Higher Bond. We’re still a small community and family. We’re still less than a year old. But regardless of that, we’re seeing new members, new relationships, and new victories every single day.

Here’s our humble ask for you.

  • If you’re single, we’d encourage you to try Higher Bond.
  • If you know someone single, we’d encourage you to share Higher Bond with them.
  • If you’re a pastor or a ministry leader or a church volunteer, we’d encourage you to reach out. Please. Send us an email that just says “Hey, I don’t know how, but I want to help.” My email is I pray that the Lord leads you to take the next step and reach out because this all only works if the Church comes together for His glory.
  • And lastly, if you have thoughts, praise reports, or feedback and want to share them with our team, feel free to email us at