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When you think of Pennsylvania you may think of many things. Maybe it’s one of its many historical gems (like the Liberty Bell), or a foodie favorite like Philly cheesesteaks or the Hershey’s Chocolate World. Not to mention the beauty of its natural landscape! On the other hand, maybe you think about any of those things while longing for someone to enjoy it all with.

Maybe you’ve tried using one of the top Pennsylvania Christian dating apps to try to find that special someone who will enjoy those sandwiches and country roads with you, but to no avail. What if we told you that many of the apps that are marketed as Pennsylvania Christian dating apps are really no better than the secular options you avoid? They’re owned and operated by major secular brands and many times have little or no scriptural basis. We’re happy to be able to offer you something truly different with Higher Bond.

With a large number of singles residing in Pennsylvania, there is a great chance of finding the right one for you. The Census Bureau has surveyed that as high as 32% of females and 37% of males in the state have never been married. Pennsylvania is also listed as the 27th most religious state in the United States according to Pew Research data

If you’re ready to start meeting Christian singles in Pennsylvania then you can click any blue button on this page to sign up for Higher Bond! If you’d still like some more information then we welcome you to stick around. We’ll be covering what singles can expect from dating in this state, what makes Higher Bond the best Christian dating app for Pennsylvania singles, and what other options you have.

What is Dating like in Pennsylvania for Christian Singles?

Outside of Pennsylvania’s large cities there is a lot of forestry and small towns that make up the state. The Center for Rural Pennsylvania claims that 22% of the state’s population was located in rural communities while the remaining 78% was urban. 

Living in more urban areas certainly gives Pennsylvania Christian singles more access to churches, singles groups, and other community-driven mingling opportunities. But, whether you’re part of the rural or urban demographic, making connections and finding truly compatible matches for you can feel daunting. But why?

Well, as you’ve probably learned in other areas of your life, there are varying levels of practice and devotion among those who call themselves Christian. For example, though 51% of adults in the state say that their religious views are very important to them, only 34% of people claim to attend church once a week. That can have an impact on who you find in your dating pool each week as well as who you match with on Pennsylvania Christian dating apps if these factors are not taken into account.

That said, there are plenty of dating apps available to help you make more connections than you may be able to make in your day-to-day life, but not all Pennsylvania dating apps for Christians are created equal. As we’ve mentioned, many are secularly owned and as a result devoid of key Biblical values.

Pennsylvania Christian singles needed an app that truly focused on spiritual compatibility, and that’s where Higher Bond comes into the picture.

Why is Higher Bond the Best Christian Dating App?

We may be biased but we truly believe that Higher Bond is the best Pennsylvania Christian dating app out there. Our app is 100% Christian-owned and operated, with every decision from design to execution being made to offer something both to our God and our users (as inspired by Colossians 3:23)! 

We have a few major concerns when it comes to the “Christian dating apps” put out by major companies. That in itself is one of the first we will mention here. Did you know that some of the dating apps for Pennsylvania Christians that are available, that you may have even used, are actually owned by the same companies that own other secular apps like Zoosk and Tinder?

Most people don’t know that! But once you do, it begs the question of whether or not your moral standards are really being taken into consideration with the matches you’re being given within those apps.

Our matchmaking algorithms at Higher Bond are designed to make sure that the most important things to you are kept as the most important things within the matches we provide. 

Another concern we have made a point to tackle with Higher Bond is the problem of screen addiction, swipe dating, and dopamine loops. Dating apps for Christians should be a tool that helps you to find the one God has planned for you, not something that harms you in any way. Other Pennsylvania Christian dating apps are designed to keep you on them, endlessly swiping or riding a wave of good feelings only to be let down by the watered-down values that result. 

Finding you a real Christian match and helping you build a lasting relationship is something we take seriously at Higher Bond. We hold the belief that matching you with someone who believes in what you do is one of the many keys to success.

Options Beyond the Best Pennsylvania Christian Dating App

Online and app-based dating is a great option for many reasons, but we also understand that you may want to add some other possible tactics to your search for your soulmate. One great option is getting involved in a single’s ministry near you. Beyond that, due to the COVID-19 times, many churches and ministries have continued to offer virtual meetings for those of you who live rurally and may not be able to find the singles ministry you want near you. 

We’ve taken the time to list for you options based on some of the larger cities and ministries in Pennsylvania in case you wish to keep searching in multiple ways. One thing we do know is that God’s plan for your life is easier to see when you’re seeking it out, so getting involved in a single’s ministry is a great option whether you’re avidly searching for your earthly match or just trying to get closer to God as you wait for that special someone. 

We encourage you to reach out and get involved with a bible believing church in your area that can also come alongside you in your journey as a Christian single, as there really is no substitute for that. That said, if you’re eager to take start meeting Pennsylvania Christian singles now then we welcome you to click the link below to try Higher Bond for free today!