Higher Bond Pricing (2024) – Exactly How Much It Costs

At Higher Bond, there are two different membership tiers available—Basic and Premium. Each of these different tiers comes with different features that you’re going to have access to! While many online and even Christian dating apps like to hide their costs until you’ve already created an account, we believe in full transparency.

In this article, we’ll show you exactly how much a Higher Bond membership costs, what features you’ll get access to, what payment methods we accept, how renewing your membership works, and everything else you could ever want to know about the cost of a Higher Bond membership.

To be clear upfront, it is free to join Higher Bond. There are a ton of great features that Basic level members get access to! If you do choose to upgrade to premium, here are the costs associated with that.

Updated Higher Bond Membership Costs

Membership TypeDurationMonthly Price
Premium6 months$14.95 /mo
Premium3 months$18.95 /mo
Premium1 month$26.95 /mo
PremiumLifetimeOn Sale $129 (Normally $259)

Additional Information:

Higher Bond Memberships – Basic vs. Premium

As we’ve mentioned, there are two types of memberships you can get at Higher Bond—one that you don’t have to pay for and one that you do pay for.

Here’s a look at the features you get with each membership type.

FeatureBasic MemberPremium Member
Create Your Profile
Matching Questionnaire
Upload Cover Photo
Upload Additional Photos
Answer Extended Profile Questions
Get Daily Matches
Respond to Messages
Send Daily Interests
Receive Daily Interests
Daily Devotionals
Start a New Conversation
See Additional Photos
See Extended Profile Answers

Messaging Features

One of the biggest differences in Higher Bond membership types is with messaging. All users, regardless of their membership tier, are able to respond to incoming messages and conversations free of charge.

The idea behind this is that other dating sites only allow premium members to respond. As the national average of paid accounts on a dating app is only about 15%, this means that only 1 out of every 7 people you message even has the ability to respond to you! This is not a great experience for a premium member. For that reason, we let anyone (even Basic account users) respond free to messages.

The big difference, though, is that you must upgrade to a paid Higher Bond account if you want to initiate a conversation with someone new. So, if you’re a Basic member and someone sends you a message, great! However, if you see a match you’re interested in and want to send them a message, you’re going to have to either wait and hope they see you or upgrade to a paid premium account.

Seeing a Member’s Photos

Basic account holders and premium account holders at Higher Bond can always see another member’s main photo. However, we only show a member’s additional photos to premium members. In other words, if a member uploads five photos, Basic members will only see one of the photos whereas premium Higher Bond users will see all five.

This is mainly for security purposes as we want to have some level of privacy for users.

Extended Profiles

An additional privacy feature that we have for members is that the more personal parts of their profile are only going to be visible to premium members. Basic members may see all the basic information without paying to upgrade. However, in order to see things like testimony, if they have children, smoking and drinking habits, etc., you’ll need to pay for a premium membership.

5 Quick Facts About Upgrading to Higher Bond Premium

Before we really dive into the details of how our premium pricing works, we wanted to give you five quick facts in case you’re just looking for the big details and want to get started! Here are the five most important things to know about the price of a Higher Bond premium account.

  1. The longer the membership term you choose, the lower the monthly price will be. For example, a 6-month membership is nearly half the price monthly of a 1-month membership ($14.95 vs $26.95 per month).
  2. All Higher Bond memberships are charged as a single, one-time lump sum payment. This means that if you purchase the 3-month membership, you’ll pay $56.85 upfront but in return will receive three months of service without needing to pay every month.
  3. Premium users are the only ones who can initiate conversations. While Basic users can always respond to messages from premium users for free (this makes the premium experience that much better), purchasing a premium membership is the only way to be able to initiate conversations.
  4. All accounts are set to auto-renew, but you can cancel at any time. For many users, your account shutting off mid-conversation is not ideal. As a courtesy, we set all new accounts to auto-renew at their current plan rate. However, if you don’t want your account to renew, you can always cancel your account and still receive the remainder of the time you paid for.
  5. Higher Bond does have a strict no refund policy. Due to the nature of our business, we have to stick to a strict no refund policy. What this means for you is to take some time to ensure you want to upgrade to premium before choosing to do so.

Accepted Payment Methods

Depending on where you choose to purchase your Higher Bond membership, you will have several different purchase options. If you purchase through the web or a web browser, Higher Bond accepts all major credit cards for purchasing a membership. So, as long as you have like a Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, etc., you’ll be all set to purchase a membership!  

If you purchase a premium Higher Bond membership through the iOS app or Android app, your purchases will go through the respective iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

How Auto Renewal Works

All accounts at Higher Bond are automatically set to auto-renew. This is done as a courtesy to members who want to be able to continue their time with Higher Bond without interruption. Here’s everything you need to know about how auto-renewal works.

  • At the end of your purchased term, your account will be automatically renewed for the same term and same pricing as you originally purchased.
  • If prices have gone up for any reason, you will not pay the higher rate. You will pay the same rate you paid when you originally created your account.
  • If you don’t want your account to auto-renew, please cancel at least 72 hours before your last day of service. It is the member’s responsibility to cancel their own account. We make this extremely easy to do from within your member’s account area.
  • If you cancel before the end of your purchased membership length, you will always get the remaining time on your account as long as you are not in violation of any membership rules and regulations.
  • Auto-renewal continues indefinitely until you cancel.

How Refunds Works

Due to the nature of eCommerce, Higher Bond has adopted a strict no refund policy. This applies to first-time purchases as well as renewals. No exceptions will be made to this policy for any reason. Please do not purchase a Higher Bond membership unless you understand this policy.

Higher Bond Cost FAQ

How much does a one-month membership cost on Higher Bond?

A one month membership at Higher Bond costs $26.95. If you purchase a longer-term membership like a six-month membership, that price drops significantly to $14.95 per month.

Do I have to have a credit card to sign up for Higher Bond?

No, you can join Higher Bond without a credit card! If you choose to upgrade to a premium account, you will need a major credit card to complete the purchase process on the web app or a connected iTunes or Google Play account.

Can I use PayPal to purchase a Higher Bond membership?

Currently, Higher Bond does not accept PayPal as a payment option and has no plans to include it as one in the future.