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    Not sure if I’m the best person for this, but I’ll give it a shot. While I, myself, can’t really be the most optimistic person, I will say that drawing closer to God, embracing the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude, reading his Word, and taking time to meditate and hear Him in the day to day is incredibly grounding when I feel pessimistic.
    I have my doubts, I have been confused, but when you lift up your concerns to a loving and caring Father who loves you just for being you, I rest in that and that’s good enough for me. A lot of the devotional stories have mentioned that don’t look for someone just because you are lonely or they will “complete” you. You are already fearfully and wonderfully made. It’s an unfortunate situation that because God knows what good we need when we need it, instead of us just driving for it on our own, we kind of just have to be patient and keep praying.

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