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    Loneliness? Pslam 23, the entire chapter is solid Scripture. My favorite one on the topic is Deuteronomy 31:8. Don’t be discouraged. Have faith.

    Patience? Sort of going back to the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude, you have to know and be okay that you are on God’s path, you’re in His hands. Jeremiah 29:11 after all. Take it day by day, hour by hour and moment by moment. Your significant other will show up when God reveals it in His good and loving time.

    Unable to attend meet ups? Church is always a solid start to attempt conversation and you can slowly make your way from there. A trusted Pastor might be able to help assist you in that area. Lord knows mine does, I can’t get him to stop.

    Struggling with finding the right people? Now that, you got me. Even through the events and such, I continued that struggle. I think that it’s the bar I set and I straight up refuse to lower it for that reason, because the lower it goes, the more wrongful stuff creeps in. I’d rather be alone and in God’s hands than together with someone and not listen to the Lord.

    Yeah, stick to the plan always. Conventional wisdom right there. Our plan changes all the time, but His never does. Stay true to that.

    Are some folks meant to be alone? Biblically, no. Adam needed Eve in Genesis 2. Even Paul in 1 Corinthians 7, while encouraging singleness, understands the importance of what was said in Genesis 2. Now me personally? I think so. But you’re never alone or lonely, the Lord is always with you and will keep you. I don’t need a wife to feel whole or complete, I am through Christ Jesus who saves us. Can it happen? Of course. Could it happen? Absolutely. I don’t know if she’s coming to me or not, but I have the faith that God will help me every step of the way regardless. And I rest in that.

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