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David J.

    I am sure there are some great online Bible studies and apps, but I would strongly recommend finding/starting one with a local church and attending in person. It is possible to be edified through an online community (like this one), but there is nothing like inspiring, challenging, and supporting fellow believers in-person, especially when tied by the bonds of a local church.

    If you have prayed and feel like God is leading you to start a study, amazing! With Bible studies, I learned consistency is key. This means being as consistent as possible with how often you meet, day and time for your study, and especially how long each study goes. Have a definite time to wrap up. That doesn’t mean to shut conversation down entirely at a certain time, especially if someone has lingering questions or is in the middle of sharing. But it’s easy for a discussion to go off the rails and people to lose focus if there aren’t some defined time restraints. For what to study, I enjoy choosing a book of the Bible or a specific topic (like apologetics, Christian living, or a specific doctrine). I would also recommend using study resources like a Hebrew/Greek lexicon (dictionary) for learning the meaning of words, and a concordance for finding multiple verses on a given topic/word. You can find tjese types of tools for free online at places like Bible Gateway, or download a free software called e-Sword. Finally, make sure your study and the participants are covered in prayer!

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