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    Good evening and happy 4th of July to my brothers and sisters in Christ! I have spent time praying on yet another subject pertinent to this topic. There are 2 schools of thought on this question: should one actively seek a husband or wife, or just abandon it completely and wait/hope for someone to come along?
    I’ve been told on one hand that God calls us to act and to do so according to His will and Word. If we do not take an active role in shaping our lives and serving Him, we will be lost and know nothing but confusion. We will be suggestible to things that are not conducive to serving the Lord and bettering ourselves. However, I’ve also been told that not looking and simply waiting is the key; that God will bring things and people into our lives regardless of us or what we seek. Therefore, I am wondering if maybe it’s a bit of both. Could that be the case?
    Slightly unrelated: I read the daily devotionals and one in particular spoke to me. It highlighted the “worry” some of us feel when it comes to finding love (i.e. taking too long,bad experiences, etc) and that no one has ever added value to their lives by worrying. It got me thinking, “is 13+ years long enough?” or “what if I’m simply not desirable?” I will admit I have worried and still do. It’s one of my faults and one of many things I confess and give over to my Savior as much as I can. I know (like many of you) God has my back no matter what. Psalm 23

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