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    Honestly, that’s a good question first off. The camp of actively searching for a spouse or waiting for said spouse is a desicive question and doesn’t get talked about a lot. I think that it’s a little bit of both, because you don’t want to be so active that you just razor focus in on the concept of the spouse. On the flip side, I can’t stand the “oh, just be patient and wait”, because I feel like I always hear that. I think that the answer you’re looking for is a bit of both, but I will say that I’d rather trust in my Lord to lead me the right way than keep exploring the wrong way over and over.

    As for your second case, worry. There is a load of Scripture on worry alone. 1 Peter 5:6-7 is a good example. So, yeah, to feel that it’s been 13 years, where is my shot? What or why do people not desire me? And it’s great questions that I imagine that everyone hear has experienced, myself included. To peel back a layer here, I’ve always been a firm believer of “she doesn’t exist” camp. Always have been and probably always will be, because when Christ proves me wrong, I will have nothing but to acknowledge that I was wrong and be humbled that Jesus was looking out for me and will always be looking out for me.

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