Higher Bond Success Stories

At Higher Bond, our goal is to provide a safe, Christ-centered space for singles to meet and ultimately fall in love and get married! In light of that, we wanted to share a few of our favorite success stories of happy couples who met through Higher Bond.

If you and your special someone met through Higher Bond, we’d love to hear from you! Please send our team an email at support@higherbond.com.

Higher Bond

Success Stories

We had both tried other apps but had no success and really wanted a platform where committed believers in Christ could find each other without all the garbage many dating apps contain. A few app messages a week grew to messages every day then texts on personal cell phones, to video calls, to actual phone calls and not too long after, to in-person meetings and visits to each other homes. We are happy to say that we are now praying about and planning our wedding and all the life changes that go with it. God used Higher Bond to help us find each other and we couldn’t be happier and more blessed.

Hamilton and Terri

Married Through Higher Bond

We are now in a relationship, dating with a purpose which is that of potential marriage in the future (probably sooner than later). We are so great together and have so many things in common. I have a list of 20 items I have been praying for in a future wife and before we even met in person, she already met 19 of those items. God is GREAT and greatly to be PRAISED.

UPDATE: “I wanted to update you on our status. We actually became engaged on Christmas Eve.”

Greg and Lily

Engaged Through Higher Bond

My husband, Michael and I connected on Higher bond last November and were married in April.  I had prayed and waited on him for twenty one years when we met and he had waited for fifteen years. We were thrilled beyond words when the Lord connected us through Higher Bond! We had two weddings, one wedding in Florida where I lived and the other in North Carolina where he lived and I now reside. It was quite an exciting time for us and our family. 

Michael and I are very grateful for the service Higher Bond provided that brought us together. Higher Bond provides a perfect platform where single Christians passionate about their faith can meet and connect on a deeper level. We highly recommend anyone sincere about their faith to give Higher Bond a try. It just might change a life, as it truly has ours!

Michael and Devin

Married Through Higher Bond

We were searching for a dating site where we could find love, one that might be from above, we found Higher Bond and you waved your magic wand. There are very few things in life as important as helping people find love. You will always hold a very special part of our hearts.

UPDATE: “It’s your favorite couple here with an update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have some BIG NEWS. The relationship has progressed, and we are “ENGAGING” in a new phase. We love you guys and can’t speak HIGHly enough of how you brought us together! We hope you have many more success stories!”

Darren and Evie

Engaged Through Higher Bond

Our story began with a mutual, independent desire to find love and companionship. The vehicle we used was Higher Bond, an online Christian dating site. After much prayer I wrote my profile in March 2023 thinking I would give it a shot and see what happened. I knew I was looking for a God-fearing woman with tangible evidence of faith in Jesus who was willing to take on 2 kids and a dog. A few months before I joined Higher Bond, Mary decided that she would give it a try.

She was looking for a man who loved the Lord and His Word, would be a godly leader, and enjoyed discussing theology. She always wanted to be a mom, but at this time in life, realized that would likely not happen. Little did she know what the Lord had in store.

One day, Mary saw my profile come up. She was excited to read about this man who had a love for theology and was from Apologia Church. However, she had also made a decision that she would not be the one reaching out. She prayed about it and waited on the Lord. Not long after I submitted my profile, Mary’s profile showed up. It turned out, in the Lord’s providence, Mary’s profile mentioned her familiarity with my home church of 6 years, Apologia. She also mentioned her commitment to classical, biblical doctrine.

As a result of those connections, I reached out. Mary performed her due diligence and reached out to mutual friends at my church to confirm I was legitimate! They were overjoyed with the connection that had been made. We’ve been speaking ever since, talking about our particular likes/dislikes, what we’re gleaning from Scripture, favorite sermons, what life may look like together etc….

In July, we had our first meeting in Wyoming. It was a fun weekend. In September, Mary joined me in Oregon to meet the children. She had fallen in love with them long before she met them. In time and after seeking Godly advice from my pastor(s) and friends, I asked Mary to marry me in November—she said YES! And now the next phase of combining two households and becoming one flesh to the glory of God begins….. Lonnie (and Mary)

Lonnie and Mary

Engaged Through Higher Bond