Sun. May 12, 2024 – “Can We Approach God with Our Relationship Concerns?”

Higher Bond Forum Daily Devotional Discussions Sun. May 12, 2024 – “Can We Approach God with Our Relationship Concerns?”

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        Hi there!

        Here is the official post for today’s Higher Bond Daily Devotional discussion.

        If you’re looking for the devotional, it’s located on the Higher Bond app (just for singles) and is completely free.

        While the forums are public, the idea is for these daily devotional discussions to be for the single members of Higher Bond and occasionally our staff and team of pastors.



        Here are today’s reflection questions and our featured verse:

        1. Are there areas of your relationship life that you need to take to the Lord?

        12 In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.

        Ephesians 3:12

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          I have this list of qualities I’d like in my future husband, which I feel like is pretty normal for people to have their preferences and whatnot. I wonder though, if God might have another plan for my life? God is so good that He shows (or gives us) what we need and not necessarily what we want. Is my “list” potentially getting in the way of God’s plan for my life? Perhaps this is one of the things I need to release to God. My list might be causing me to pass judgement on someone else, or pass by a potential match because they don’t fit perfectly into my expectations, or check off every box on my list. Is my “list” more me, or more God?

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