Tue. May 14, 2024 – “Effort and Intentionality Go a Long Way”

Higher Bond Forum Daily Devotional Discussions Tue. May 14, 2024 – “Effort and Intentionality Go a Long Way”

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        Hi there!

        Here is the official post for today’s Higher Bond Daily Devotional discussion.

        If you’re looking for the devotional, it’s located on the Higher Bond app (just for singles) and is completely free.

        While the forums are public, the idea is for these daily devotional discussions to be for the single members of Higher Bond and occasionally our staff and team of pastors.



        Here are today’s reflection questions and our featured verse:

        1. How would you rate your level of effort when it comes to dating?
        2. Would you say that your approach, effort, and intentionality are the same as if you were doing something for the Lord?
        3. What changes can you make to be more in line with this verse while still being safe and protecting yourself?

        23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,
        Colossians 3:23

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          1.my effort is intentionally little to none to keep myself from being hurt
          2. I don’t treat dating as working for the Lord I’m trusting the Lord to bring who he wants into my life because when I try to find someone or date someone I choose wrong (the Lord brought my husband into my life when I wasn’t looking and our marriage was as close to perfect because Jesus was the center everything with us. sense his passing I haven’t found anyone to co labor with for the Lord
          3. working for the Lord is in every day life

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            Higher Bond Founder

              @widowdudley Thank you for sharing!

              It’s wonderful to hear that you had such a Christ-centered marriage with your late husband. While I know the discussion here is about singles, I’d really love to ask (as I’m of course married)—what would you say was the biggest key to keeping Jesus at the center of your relationship? Were there practical steps you both took to ensure that was a priority?

              I imagine the answers could also be helpful to people who are dating.

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