Get Involved

The mission of Higher Bond is to revolutionize the way Christian singles meet, interact, and date online. In an industry that is riddled with Christian dating apps run by secular companies pushing worldly values, allowing inappropriate content, and not creating a truly safe space for Christian singles to connect, it’s imperative that we pave the way for real and radical change.

This is not something we can do alone. We need your help. We need people like you to step up, put your yes on the table, and help us change the way Christian singles interact online for the glory of His Kingdom.

How can you get involved? Here are a few suggested things you can do today to help join and support the mission of Higher Bond.

1. Share Higher Bond with your single Christian friends.

Know someone who is single? Tell them about Higher Bond! Text them a link to the website. Write it on a sticky note and give it to them. Encourage and remind them to sign up! The more Christian singles we can move to a safe and Christ-centered platform, the better.

2. Share Higher Bond with your single’s groups at Church.

Part of a single’s group? Does your Church have a single’s ministry? If so, find a way to share Higher Bond with them. If you need any resources to do this, please reach out to our team at and we’d be more than happy to assist.

3. Follow us on social media and share!

If you aren’t following us on social media, we’d ask that you’d consider doing so! It may not seem like much, but increasing our social media reach goes a long way to helping us get more information and resources in the hands of singles who need it.

And if you see something we post that you think is worthwhile to share? Share it!

4. If You’re in Ministry, Connect With Us!

Pastor of a Church? Run a singles group? Work with young people? Connected to college ministry? If you at all work with people who may benefit from what we’re doing, connect with us! Reach out! Send us an email and just say “Hey, here’s who am I and, and here’s what I do. How can we work together and support our shared mission?”

It’s that simple. Send your emails to and we’ll make sure they get to the right members of our team.