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Hello! Thanks for taking a little time out of your day to watch this video! It means so much to myself and our family. Please enjoy.

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Some next steps to consider…

Thank you again for choosing to watch this video! If you found the information helpful, here are a few next steps I’d humbly ask you to consider.

1. Send me an email and share your feedback!

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2. Consider sharing this video with your singles or congregation.

The best way we can protect our singles and our congregations in today’s rapidly changing world is by proactively educating them on the dangers that may exist, as well as how to approach things safely. I’d ask that you prayerfully consider sending this video out to your people.

Here’s the YouTube link you can copy to do just that:

3. Consider sharing this video as a free event with your singles and other singles in the area.

This could be a wonderful opportunity to bring the singles from your church or from multiple churches in your area together to meet, fellowship, learn, and discuss. You could invite everyone out on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon, watch the video together, have one of your pastors speak about a topic important to singles, and then have everyone break up into small groups to discuss. You can keep it simple or you can throw in some food trucks, worship, and fellowship and make it a big event—all up to you.

The idea we’re suggesting for an event title is “Blind Spots: A Christian Single’s Summit”, but you can call it whatever you’d like. As long as this critical information is getting to the people who need it most, that’s all that matters.

If this sounds exciting, here’s some good news. We have all the resources you’d need to put the event on (all free, of course). We have small group discussion materials, additional links and resources to support leaders, and even the creatives for marketing the free event.

If you’re interested, send me an email at and I’ll send you everything over.

Thank you again for your time!