Most Popular Christian Dating Apps in 2024 – What You Need to Know

With 20+ million Christians in the US expected to use an online dating app this year (by conservative estimates), it’s clearly a growing medium for connection within the faith community. But with a sea of options claiming to be specifically for Christians, how can you know which Christian dating app is truly the best option for you?

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the four most popular Christian dating apps and bringing to light some serious moral and Biblical issues that we think all Christian singles should be aware of. We will also be looking at many of the ways that Higher Bond is intentionally different than these apps, and why we truly feel that Higher Bond is the most Christlike dating app on the market.

As a foreword, this analysis is from a Biblical and faith-based perspective. Unfortunately, many of the reviews and guidance you see on other websites about Christian dating apps come from secular sources that don’t truly understand the elements of faith that are so important to Christian singles.

And lastly, before we get started and get too deep into the specific shortcomings of Upward, Christian Mingle, Ark, and eharmony that prompted us to make our app, we did want to quickly mention that you can try Higher Bond yourself absolutely free.

With that said, let’s get into it.

Upward: A Secularly Owned Christian Dating App With a Few Things to Be Concerned About

Probably the most popular Christian dating app on the market right now is an app called Upward. Unfortunately, popularity and ministry don’t always go hand in hand. Here are a few things you need to know.

Want to watch our thoughts on Upward instead? Check out this informative video now.

Upward, is actually run by a secular company known as Match Group, an $11 Billion company that also owns dating apps like, Hinge, and casual hookup dating app Tinder. And here’s something that may surprise you. Match Group took the same technology they use for Tinder, put Christ into the branding, made a few small changes, and called it Upward. While this isn’t widely known, it’s important to be aware of when making an intimate decision on what Christian dating app to join. It’s nothing more than a repackaged version of Tinder taking advantage of Christ in its branding to target Christians.

This is one of the first reasons we’re so proud of our work with Higher Bond. Higher Bond is 100% Christian owned by a husband and wife team devoted to Kingdom work and building a platform that’s truly Christ-centered.

What else do you need to be aware of when it comes to Upward as a Christian dating app? There are real concerns when it comes to inappropriate content. As Christians, it’s important that we’re doing our best to avoid things that may cause us to stumble. And with dating and the internet, inappropriate content should be at the top of this list for things to look out for.

With Upward, the rules around the types of photos users can upload seem to be way too relaxed. Just a few seconds of swiping on the app and you’ll see scantily clad photos, sexually suggestive poses, bikini shots, excessive cleavage, shirt-off photos, and more. While everyone may have a different view of what is showing too much, most ministry leaders would agree that what Upward is showing is way over the line.

At Higher Bond, we manually verify 100% of photos that members upload and take a hardline stance on what is and what is not appropriate. This protects you as the member, and ensures you never see anything that could make you stumble.

But immodest photos aren’t the only issue with the Upward app. The app also gives you the ability to add stickers to your account to share what makes you different. While some of these stickers are neat, there are several that probably shouldn’t be on a Christian dating app like Woke AF, Netflix and Chill, Christian Thug, and Let’s Hook Up.

For us, this is a blatant disconnect with the Christian community, but probably what we should expect from a secular company just trying to make a buck off the Christian community.

Christian Mingle: A Secularly Owned With Over 20 Years in the Industry

Christian Mingle Homepage screenshot showing a couple

It generally surprises people to hear that Christian Mingle is actually secularly owned by a major publicly traded company out of Germany that owns brands like Elite Singles, Silver Singles, and Zoosk. While we can’t speak to the company’s chief goals, it’s probably not far-fetched to assume that Kingdom work is not at the top of the list but making money is.

Regarding the app itself, Christian Mingle takes a more classic profile-based approach to online dating. Unlike Upward, which is swipe-based, Christian Mingle gives you access to its catalog of singles and allow you to search for what you’re interested in. The app does have a swipe feature, but it’s not the main feature like it is on Upward.

The one perk about Christian Mingle is that at times the company has said it has over 15 million users, but we’re not sure how many of those are old or new/active accounts. Additionally, the company removed that distinction from its homepage, so we’re not totally sure what to make of that.

While Christian Mingle doesn’t have as many of the outrageous secular-style features that Upward has, it still feels like a mismatch to have such a large group of Christian singles being led by a company that may not be rooted in faith and with different goals.

Lastly, and while this is anecdotal we still felt it’s worth mentioning, many reviews and singles we’ve met with around the country have shared stories of meeting an abnormally higher number amount of scammers on the Christian Mingle app. With romance scams on the rise in the US, this is concerning.

At Higher Bond, we take safety very seriously. We manually verify 100% of accounts, and we also offer an extensive amount of free educational resources to help teach Christian singles how to protect themselves. Through our efforts and the knowledge we pass on to our members, Higher Bond is truly a safe and welcoming environment for Christian singles to meet and connect.

Ark: Christian Owned But There May Be a Leak to Be Aware Of

Forgive our cheesy Ark puns, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Ark is a newer Christian dating app that says on its social media pages that it’s “designed by believers” so it earns a checkmark in the Christian-owned category. That said, there are a few things that Christians should be aware of before deciding on downloading Ark or not.

First, the app uses the same swipe-style of matchmaking that Tinder uses. And while this is popular, research is showing that swipe-style matchmaking is causing people to have anxiety, depression, and emotional burnout. It creates unhealthy dopamine loops in the brain that pushes people to start what is known as doom scrolling. Unfortunately, it feels like Ark may have its heart in the right place, but they’re not doing the Christian community any favors when it comes to the style of matchmaking they’ve chosen.

If you want to learn more about swipe-based dating and its negative effects, check out the free ministry training The State of Dating.

At Higher Bond, we give users 3-5 daily curated matches. There is no swiping or promoting disposability of people of any kind. Our goal is to be complimentary to your life, not to get you addicted.

Also, and maybe this is just us, but in the screenshot we’ve included for Ark at the top of this section, it doesn’t seem to be promoting physical boundaries with dating and has a lot more of a secular feel than we’re comfortable with. Ark’s social media also has posts about “getting a girl’s number in 60 seconds or less” or “strangers rating strangers” on their physical attractiveness with swear words (screenshot below).

The app also had a post interviewing drunk people congratulating someone who doesn’t go to church on “having a good woman” because she goes to church because she’d eventually lead the family back to church (screenshot below). We’d have to say that this post is “unequally yoked” with what we believe.

For us, most of this doesn’t really align with how we think Biblical dating should go. We won’t be boarding the Ark today.

eharmony – Not Actually a Christian Dating App

eharmony homepage screenshot showing a couple in the grass

Surprisingly, a lot of people believe that eharmony is a Christian dating app because it was founded by an evangelical Christian over 20 years ago. However, eharmony was never actually a Christian dating app and has become quite clear about that over the past few years.

In a recent interview, eharmony’s VP of Communications said, “We don’t have a type – eharmony members represent adults of all ages, demographics, religious beliefs and backgrounds.”

Additionally, she went on in the interview to say, “Over the last few years, we’ve taken steps to become more of the company we want to be, and to provide a platform that’s representative of who we are today — a brand and a workplace that strives to be safe, inclusive and welcoming to every member of our community. For example, we recently announced a partnership with GLAAD to address how eharmony can better serve LGBTQ+ daters, which included participating in company-wide trainings and collaborating to improve our matchmaking process to help all our members find real love and authentically express themselves on our platform.”

The only reason we’re sharing eharmony here on this list of the best Christian dating apps is that it is so commonly mistaken for being a Christian app that we figured it deserved a place here.

Our Closing Thoughts

Our goal today is not to speak negatively about other organizations. That said, the Bible says in Ephesians 5:11, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” We’re called to speak up and speak out when we need to in order to protect the Church. In response to this verse, we feel the information we shared today is important.

To close, we do want to share again that we truly feel Higher Bond is the leading Christian dating app for singles who value their faith and who are looking for a safe and Christ-centered place to meet Christian singles. When we created Higher Bond, it was done in response to the multitude of problems with online dating for Christians like inappropriate content, worldly views on dating, and a focus on disposability. Sadly, this is to be expected as most Christian dating apps are secularly owned.

Thankfully, Higher Bond is 100% Christian owned and built firmly on Biblical values. The app takes safety very seriously with 100% of member accounts verified before they’re even given access to the platform. Additionally, all photos are manually verified to ensure nothing inappropriate makes it to members.

At Higher Bond, we also have an incredibly strong commitment to education with free features like daily devotionals designed for singles, the dating school, free virtual training seminars, and more. If you’re serious about finding a Christian man or a Christian woman who is intentionally seeking a Godly relationship, you’re going to love Higher Bond.

If you’re ready, we’d encourage you to check out Higher Bond now.